Puppy Gets Bored On The Flight And Decides To Amuse The Passengers

A lady was settling in for his first flight, from London to Ibiza, and also bring her puppy on the plane. When Cute puppy became very bored.

“He was sat in the seat next to me but got in a mood. Which he often does when I don’t pay him enough attention,” Ursula Daphne Aitchison, Huxley’s mom, told The Dodo.

Huxley decided to abandon his mom. Huxley sits next to the man in front of them instead. It was more than happy to welcome his new furry seatmate. The puppy was absolutely content hanging out with his new best friend and completely neglected his mom — until he realized she had opened up a snack.

Huxley stuck his head between the seats to try and sneak a taste but couldn’t quite make it work — and his fellow traveler couldn’t stop laughing at the faces he made.

“He spent 30 minutes in that seat; the man next to him said he was a very good puppy on the plane and man across the aisle was taking selfies with him,” Aitchison said.

puppy on the plane

“Huxley kept giving him his paw to the clutch. He was making lots of people laugh and the man next to me asked to take his photo to send to his daughter.”
puppy on the plane