Taiwanese Leopard considered extinct is seen for the first time in 36 years

The Taiwanese Rare leopard, which was not seen 36 years ago, will have been spotted rambling through the Taitung County desert, Taiwan, by two contrasting groups of tribal guards in January of 2019. In 2013, zoologists officially announced that the Taiwanese Rare leopard was extinct after 13 years of effort to locate elements of this species living on trees.

Despite the use of hundreds of traps and the 1,500 infrared cameras, the researchers ‘ efforts were cut short, NBC News reported at the time.

Hope appears to be reborn after two tribal guards have discovered simultaneous reports of observations. Two tribal guards from Alangyi village were police the area in January of 2019, on two different occasions, when they accidentally saw the declared extinct leopard walking the forest near the Daren district in Taitung county, said Kao Ching-chi, president of the Development Association of the Austronesian Community College and head of the village of the Paiwan tribe.

So everyone thought.

1.’Really, Really Good At Hiding’:

“This is awesome. But I wonder where they’ve been hiding. They are really, really good at it. Taiwan has beautiful swaths of undisturbed nature, but it’s still a pretty small island,” wrote @Maranathakurios.

2. Tribal Members want End To Logging:

The story adds that tribal members want to stop the spread of hunting in Taiwan and are lobbying authorities in the country to halt logging, which harms animals’ habitats wrote @4myvampires

3. Leopard Found climbing a tree:

Rare leopard

The Formosan clouded leopard has officially declared extinct in 2013. After a team of zoologists searched from 2001 to 2013 and found no sight of it.

4.Dissenting thoughts:



Shia Jung-sheng of the Forestry Bureau’s advance Department says experts will have to meet. Determine whether to delist the animal. The difficulties are that there is no defined consensus either way on the animal’s status.

Source: Diply